How to Place an Online Cockfighting Bet

How to Place an Online Cockfighting Bet

How to Place an Online Cockfighting Bet – Cockfighting is one of the cockfighting betting games that is widely known and played by many people. The game of cockfighting itself is a gambling game that competes or pits two roosters or roosters in a few minutes and will determine the winner by seeing which rooster is the winner out of the rooster who as his opponent loses, dies, runs away.

Generally, this online cockfighting game is held within 10 minutes of each match. Each player is required to choose the best rooster or rooster that can beat the opponent’s rooster. By having the best and strongest chicken, it will be easier to win the bet. At the beginning of this online cockfighting game, each player is required to place a bet on Meron and Wala cocks.

How to Place a Bet in an Online Cockfighting Gambling Game
In this online cockfighting gambling game, there are various types of bets that we can choose and play. The type of chicken in the game is different, the player just chooses which game to play. There are several types of bets in this cockfighting gambling, including the following:

Red Chicken (Meron)
For the first, in this cockfighting gambling game, this type of bet is that if the player chooses the type of bet and places his bet on Meron, the calculation method is quite simple and easy. If the red rooster or Meron wins the match, then we will be declared the winner in the bet. But if the red rooster loses before the game time runs out, which is in 10 minutes, then we lose.

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Blue Chicken (Wala)
There is another type of bet where each player chooses the type of bet on the Blue Chicken or Wala Chicken. If the cockfighting gambler chooses to place a bet on this blue chicken or wala chicken, in a matter of calculation, if the blue chicken or chicken wala we choose wins the match, then we will automatically be declared the winner. Conversely, if the blue rooster loses before the game ends, then we will lose.

Second Death Series
BDD can also be called a series. When both chickens die within 10 minutes it can be considered BDD. In this way, all bets will be refunded.

Full Time Sweepstakes
Almost the same as BDD, in FTD this means that if the two competing chickens do not die until the match is over in 10 minutes, then it is automatically said to be FTD or a draw, but all bets are declared lost or lost.…